Problems at Work?

We assist women with issues such as: pay and conditions, understanding employment contracts, termination of employment, unfair dismissal, sexual harassment, workplace bullying, discrimination, the impact of domestic violence at work and occupational health and safety.

All assistance is free and confidential, but donations are always appreciated.  

When you call us we will have a chat to you on the phone.  We'll then make an appointment if you need one. This can be over the phone, or face-to-face. We have offices in Darwin and Alice Springs. 

If at the end of the appointment you decide that you would like ongoing assistance we will consider your request for case work assistance.

Case work assistance is provided to support and/or represent women with formal complaints such as unfair dismissal, discrimination complaints to the NT Anti-Discrimination Commission or workplace bullying complaints to NT WorkSafe.

Information is also available in Thai, Tagalog, Malaysian, Indonesian and Chinese.

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